• ThreadLocal

    ThreadLocal What is ThreadLocal? There are different scope of a variable in java. 1. Local Scope : This scope includes the variable declared inside the methods. 2. Instance Scope: This scope is also known as instance variable. This is created one per instance. 3. Class Scope: The variable is created one per class. They are …Read More

  • Jtable

    Dynamic Table CRUD using JTable This plugin can be used to create datatable an forms. Simple CRUD based applications can be created using the JTable. How to use JTable? 1. Create a div with id “targetContainer” where we want to load the table content dynamically. 2. $(‘#targetContainer’).jtable(‘load’); This statement binds the div with the dynamically …Read More

  • Pivot Table in Jasperstudio

    Pivot Table in Jasperstudio Often there comes the requirement  to create pivot table while creating reports in  jasper. No doubt one can always use crosstab component. But sometimes crosstab doesn’t give data in required form as grouping is done on column and row basis and measure’s are always present in the end. One such limitation …Read More

  • Event Delegation

    First let’s create HTML of an unordered list (ul). HTML <ul id=”todo-app”> <li class=”item”>Item 1</li> <li class=”item”>Item 2</li> <li class=”item”>Item 3</li> <li class=”item”>Item 4</li> </ul> Event Delegation technique: Suppose if you have attached the event listener click on li rather than on ul, then you are attaching the listener to every li element and if …Read More

  • Happy New Year With SVG

    What is SVG 1. SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics, SVG can be used to create drwaing, graphics, images etc, all by using xml elements.   How to draw circle in SVG In order to draw a circle usin svg we need to use the circle element wrapped in svg tag. <svg height=”60 width=”60> <circle …Read More

  • JNDI

    Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI) Using JNDI, applications running in distributed environment, helps to look up services independently. How JNDI is useful?  During deployment sequence, the same JNDI name can be used in different servers.  It helps to provide security of credential leakage to the user groups like developer, testers, stagers etc, because the …Read More

  • Schedule JasperServer Repository Export

    Schedule JasperServer Repository Export Export of JasperServer Repository : Access the server where jasperserver is installed. It can be on your local machine as well as on remote server. If the jasperserver is installed in local machine then run command in command prompt. Else connect to the remote server through putty and run commands. Jasperserver …Read More

  • Loading CSV File BatchWise -Talend

    Loading CSV File BatchWise -Talend In a ETL-Job when the source is a flat file for example a CSV File and size of the file is large. To load large files your job has to read the whole file at a time. It puts load on the server which runs the job. Instead of reading …Read More

  • Annotation

    Java Annotation Annotation Quick Tips 1. Annotations were introduced since java 1.5 2. Annotation are data about the code. They are tags that may be useful while compilation or execution. 3. @Override, @author etc are some defualt annotations. 4. We can provide dynamicity to our codes using annotations. 5. Annotation can be declared on class, …Read More

  • Gantt chart through Widget Pro Component in Jaspersoft

    Gantt chart through Widget Pro Component in Jaspersoft Widgets Pro elements are rendered as Flash objects that are embedded in the HTML and PDF output. When a report containing Widgets Pro element is exported in a format other than HTML or PDF, the space used by the element remains blank.To view Maps, Charts, and Widgets …Read More

  • Testing vs Debugging

    Testing vs Debugging Debugging is deeper process than the Testing. Debugging involves identifying, isolating and fixing the bugs.Those two processes are similar, but the Testing is carried out by QA team only. Debugging is carried out by team of developers. A good developer will always make sure that his code works high-level and there are …Read More

  • Unit Testing versus Functional Testing

    Unit Testing versus Functional Testing Unit tests meant for a developer that the code is doing things right; functional tests meant for a developer that the code is doing the right things. Unit Tests are written from a programmers perspective. They are made to ensure that a particular method (or a unit) of a class …Read More

  • Functions in JavaScript

    Consider the given code below: 1: function doSomething(a) { 2: function doSomethingElse(a) { 3: return a – 1; 4: } 5: var b; 6: b = a + doSomethingElse( a * 2 ); 7: console.log( b * 3 ); 8: } doSomething( 2 ); By considering above code, if you are learning JavaScript, you might …Read More

  • Communication between JSP and SQL

    For the communication between JSP and SQL to take place java plays an important role. You can write the java code in JSP itself. It makes the code more less complicated. You don’t need to pass parameters from one file to another. The java code in JSP is enclosed in ‘<%’ ‘%>’ tags. It helps …Read More

  • To add callback in javascript

    To add callback in javascript Why we need callback when using url to fetch data? –When we pull data using url. It takes some time to load the Url .Hence the code where the data is required executes before the data is loaded. Thus,We need to add callback to the java script function where data …Read More