Big Data Analytics Consulting

Big Data Analytics Consultation

We at Helical IT Solutions Pvt Ltd believe that success of Big Data projects lies not only in its implementation but also in its analysis to establish a system that drives change in the processes of the organization. We can help you create magic with big data – from data ingestion, data processing, data storage/data warehouse, BI, and analytics, to implementing streaming analytics, etc.

Note that to build your data pipeline, we could use your heterogeneous and multiple data sources. We have experience with various open source tools, ETL tools, NoSQL databases, popular Apache products as well as proprietary products which can be used for any of the above operations.

Get in touch with us to learn about our capabilities, skillsets, use cases and demo of Big Data analysis.

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Data Ingestion

Data ingestion is the first step in data pipeline and it involves fetching the data from one or various data sources into a system wherein it can be stored and further analyzed…Read More »
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Data Processing

In data processing, we basically process the data which we ingested. The data processing could involve any of the below like..Read More »
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Data Warehouse / Big data

After the entire data is processed it is then loaded into a target database. This target database could be a relational database, a big data database or a data warehouse appliance…Read More »
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Data Analysis

Once we have the data is ready there are various options which could be used for data analysis purposes…Read More »

Undoubtedly “Helical IT Solutions Pvt Ltd” is very good with their command in the field of Big analytics. We had a huge amount of data which was causing difficulty in reporting, there was a huge delay. Also with ever increasing incremental data every day the performance was becoming from bad to worse. Helical IT Solutions Pvt Ltd, with their expertise Big Data space, consulted us with the appropriate big data technology stack to be used as well as hardware stack to be used. The quality of the work, impeccable delivery, excellent implementation of key relevant analytics concepts and applications is something that cannot be faulted. The solution provided by them helped us achieve our business objectives.

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