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Helical IT offers professional consultation and development services on top of Amazon’s stack of DWBI offering which includes Quicksight for BI,AWS Glue for ETL capabilities….and many other like Amazon S3, Amazon Relational Database Service, Amazon Simple Notification Services (SNS), Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), SNS S3 RDS etc. At Helical we have been part of multiple projects wherein we have worked on AWS Quicksight consulting and development services. Our certified AWS Quicksight developers can help clients achieve their strategic business objectives expected from the AWS Quicksight.

Please get in touch with us to schedule a call with our AWS certified consultants and learn more about our Quicksight capabilities, use cases implementation and how we can help you implement your requirements using Quicksight.

Helical’s AWS Quicksight Practices Advantage includes

– Outsourced model : Very cost competitive without compromising on the quality of output
– Thought leadership: Helical has more than 8 years of experience in DWBI space and worked in various domains, hence we can provide best practices on DW, BI, data visualization well as the kind of analytics an end user might be interested in
– AWS Expertise

Amazon Quicksight is a powerful self service BI on cloud solution by Amazon allowing end users to create and publish interactive dashboards that can be accessed from browser or mobile devices. It can easily scale to tens of thousands of users without any software to install, servers to deploy or infrastructure to manage. Its serverless on cloud model allows companies to not worry about the hardware infrastructure. Though being new to the market it is already AWS Quicksight boasts of some really reputed clients like Siemens, Volvo, NFL etc.
Below highlighted are some of the features of AWS Quicksight and our Quicksight developers expertise on it.

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Pay as you go

On the pricing front Quicksight dosent have any annual pricing or monthly pricing or fixed pricing kind of model, rather AWS Quicksight offers pay as you go pricing which..Read More »
Amazon Quicksight Visualizations

Amazon QuickSight Visualization

Quicksight comes with out of the box various kind of visualization options like bar, line, pie, scatter, heat map, pivot, grouped charts, cards, geospatial charts (maps) etc.Read More »
Amazon Quicksight Self service interface

Self Service Interface

Amazon Quicksight comes with a self services interface to create reports (visuals), drill down on charts, add filters, format the look and feel of the visualizations and also there are also custom calculated fields as well.Read More »
Quicksight userrole management

User Role Management and Data Security

Quicksight offers user role management in terms of users, groups and roles. Roles includes Admin, Authors and Readers.Read More »
Quicksight embedded analytics

Embedded Analytics

If you are having your app/product/portal then Quicksight offers embedding capabilities using seamless authentication and powerful APIs.Read More »
Quicksight blazing technology

Blazing Fast Technology

In order for enhanced performance on huge amount of data Quicksight comes with a proprietary engine called SPICE which stands for Superfast Parallel In-memory Computation Engine (SPICE).Read More »
aws data connectors

Quicksight Data Connectors

Quicksight provides multiple options to connect to datasources which includes databases like Teradata MySQL PostGress SQLServer etc,Read More »
aws quicksight collaborate

Collaborate on any device

Access insight of QuickSight from any browser or from the native iPhone and Android app and securely share rich visualizations that convey key points and conclusions.Read More »
Quicksight Maintainance

Hardware and Maintenance

With AWS infrastructure it’s fairly simple to scale up the servers as the requirements and users increases.Read More »
Machine Learning Insights

Machine Learning Insights

Amazon’s proprietary and powerful Machine Learning and NLP algorithms can now automatically deliver predictive forecasting, anomaly detection, contribution analysis,Read More »
AWS Quicksight Localization


AWS Quicksight is allowing localization in various languages (10 as of now) which includes English, German, Spanish, French, Italian,Read More »

 Folks at Helical are extremely capable. They have got very qualified resources. Rather than merely providing technical solutions, they tried to understand the business problem and accordingly provided the best solution using various tools and technologies to suit our budget and fulfill the expectations. Our entire technology stack being on Amazon, on the BI side they helped with the consultation and services with AWS Glue and AWS Quicksight. Highly recommended.

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