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Helical offers certified AWS Glue consultants and developers. AWS Glue is an ETL (Extract Transform Load) service offering by Amazon allowing customers to extract data from the source, cleanse data, do business transformations and finally and load their data for analytics. AWS Glue offers a completely serverless managed computing model wherein a client will not have to worry about creating or managing the hardware. The other advantages of the AWS Glue product includes a pay per use model allowing significant cost savings to a client, no capital expenditure in terms of physical hardware servers, scalability of hardware as per the load, safe and secure. Furthermore AWS Glue also provides a very smooth integration with other various kind of AWS Services. Helical’s AWS Glue consulting expertise consists of all the components like Crawlers, writing ETL transformations, AWS Glue console and standalone python code as well, scheduling and running of those AWS Glue job.

At Helical we boasts of more than 35+ enterprise-level implementations on top of DWBI technologies including  AWS Glue Talend Jaspersoft Pentaho Kettle Big Data which includes small implementations to implementations for various Fortune 500 companies as well as Governments as well like CA Technologies, Tata Communication, Technip, Government of Marshall Island, Governent of Micronesia, Government of Kiribati Islands etc.

Helical IT can help you with complete implementation of your DWBI solution stack using AWS Technologies right from Consultation, Architecture and Planning, Design, Development and Deployment, Optimization of data integration jobs, documentation training and handover, Implementation of High Availability to Load Balancing for business-critical applications. We are also having extensive experience of writing jobs on Python which can also be used a lot in AWS Glue.

We follow the best practices while writing any ETL job, taking care of things like null handling, error handling and error logging, pre and post processing, nomenclature and documentation.

Reach out to us to see a full-fledged demo of our capabilities on top of AWS Glue get client references and testimonials, etc.

Our AWS Glue consulting and implementation includes

Helical provides end to end consulting and development on AWS Technology stack inlcuding AWS Quicksight, AWS etc at a very cost affective rates. We have got hands on experience on various components which includes Python scripts writing, AWS Glue API, AWS Glue console, Data Catalogue, custom code writing using Python as well.

  • AWS Glue ETL Develpment
  • Integrated Data Catalog using crawlers
  • AWS Glue automated Schema Discovery using crawlers
  • AWS Glue Code Generation
  • Developer Endpoint
  • AWS Glue ETL scheduling using flexible Job Scheduler

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Data Catalog

Data Catalog module is responsible for going through the connected data sources and preparing a catalog. This work is done through a crawler.Read More »


After the data catalog process now transformations can be created after selecting the source and target system. Using AWS Glue ETL transformationsRead More »

Schedule and Run

AWS Glue makes it easy to schedule recurring ETL jobs, chain multiple jobs together, or invoke jobs on-demand from other services like AWS Lambda.Read More »

 Folks at Helical are extremely capable. They have got very qualified resources. Rather than merely providing technical solutions, they tried to understand the business problem and accordingly provided the best solution using various tools and technologies to suit our budget and fulfill the expectations. Our entire technology stack being on Amazon, on the BI side they helped with the consultation and services with AWS Glue and AWS Quicksight. Highly recommended.

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