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Helical offers certified Talend consultants and developers. Talend is an open source ETL software for various data related operations like data cleaning, data integration, data management, data loading, etc. Talend comes in versions – free version (with limited features called Talend Open Studio or TOS) and enterprise version with all the features (called Talend Studio). Helical’s talend consulting expertise encompasses all products of Talend mentioend earlier as well for other kinds of functionalities like Talend MDM, Talend Data preparation, Talend Data Stewardship, Talend ESB etc.

At Helical we boasts of more than 35+ enterprise-level implementations on top of Open Source DWBI technologies including Talend Jaspersoft Pentaho Kettle Big Data which includes small implementations to implementations for various Fortune 500 companies as well as Governments as well like CA Technologies, Tata Communication, Technip, Government of Marshall Island, Governent of Micronesia, Government of Kiribati Islands etc.

Helical IT can help you with complete implementation of your Talend solution right from Consultation, Architecture and Planning, Design, Development and Deployment, Optimization of data integration jobs, documentation training and handover, Implementation of High Availability to Load Balancing for business-critical applications. Talend supports Big Data and we have ample experience in big data technologies as well like Hadoop and its ecosystem, Mongo, Druid, Cassandra, Spark, etc., to help you with your data pipeline implementation.

We follow the best practices while writing any ETL job, taking care of things like null handling, error handling and error logging, pre and post processing, nomenclature and documentation. Some of the implementations we have done using Talend includes services to organizations such as Tata Communication, Sage Human Capital, Envision Global Leadership, Enabled Concept, PracticeBuil and Pratesis to name a few.

Reach out to us to see a full-fledged demo of our capabilities on top of Jaspersoft, get client references and testimonials, etc.

Our Talend consulting and implementation includes

Helical provides end to end consulting and development on Talend which includes all the components (like Talend Open Studio, Talend Big Data, Talend MDM, Talend Administrator Console etc) etc at a very cost affective rates.

  • Talend ETL Development
  • Talend MDM Development
  • Talend QA Expertise
  • Talend Big Data
  • Talend Administration and TAC Expertise
  • Implementing High Availability and Load Balancing on Talend ETL as well as Data Warehouse level
  • Custom plugin development using coding on top of Talend etc.

Looking for Customized Services..?

Helical IT Solutions Pvt Ltd offers various kinds of services on top of Talend, including:


Data Integration using Talend

In today’s world any organization is using various data sources for different functions and generating a lot of data. The data generated could be from softwares, social media, APIs,…Read More »

Data Migration using Talend

Data migration means the process of transferring from one source to another. The source and target could be relational DB, NoSQL DB, columnar DB, graph DB etc…Read More »

Data Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) using Talend

There are two techniques for creation of Data Warehouse. One is ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) and the other one is ELT (Extract, Load and Transform). Talend supports both the capabilities….

Read More »


Data Auditing for Quality Assurance using Talend

Talend can also be used for doing various kinds of data auditing related work. Some of them includes Null handling, Checking for data types, Checking for limits ,Cleaning the data Our team of Talend experts can help….Read More »

Master Data Management using Talend MDM

Master Data Management (MDM) is used to reduce and eliminate redundant and inconsistent version of the same data. Now a day’s organizations generate…Read More »

Custom Framework Development on Talend : Helical Scrunch

With any ETL job development, there is a lot of repetitive work involved. Much time is spent on writing those repetitive jobs rather than implementing core business logic….

Read More »

Data Stwardship Icon

Talend Data Stewardship

Data stewardship is about defining and maintaining data models, documenting the data, cleansing the data, and defining the rules and policies. It enables the implementation…

Read More »

Talend Big Data Icon

Talend Big Data

With ever-increasing size of data getting generated and speed of this incoming data really huge, a lot of unstructured and NoSQL data also coming into picture a lot of current….Read More »

Helical IT Solutions Pvt Ltd’s  technical team provided prompt, effective and high-quality support services 24X7 for Talend implementation through various SLAs. They offer a wealth of knowledge and really understand the business. The best thing about them was to make sure the customer and the consultant are happy, first and foremost. They helped us to keep the licensing costs at minimal without compromising on the end deliverables. Their ability to keep all the information straight, down to the smallest details, makes working with Helical IT Solutions Pvt Ltd a rewarding experience.

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