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With more than 20,000 enterprise customers, Tableau is a market leader in BI with an intuitive and easy-to-use self-service drag and drop based interface for data analysis. Its simple interface saves much time spent on data analysis and has even empowered non-technical users to do data analysis.  Talk to Us for Tableau Consulting Services.

Helical IT Solutions Pvt Ltd has in-depth knowledge and working experience with Tableau Consulting Services and can help your organization in building the perfect solution using Tableau. Backed by our works of more than 5+ years in the DWBI space, we can provide thought leadership on BI space, technology stack and on the data side, building the right solution at an optimal cost for you. Our tableau experience includes exposure to various Tableau packages (tableau desktop, tableau server, tableau reader, tableau mobile, etc.), data source connections, various visualizations as well as integrations (JS API, rest API, web data connector API), etc.

Via our Tableau Consulting Services we are committed to address your business analytics requirements. We have certified and well trained experienced Tableau consultants who can assist you with executing business insight dashboards and visual examination, clear any detours or train you on the most proficient method to utilize Tableau like a star.

Tableau Key Components

  • Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau Server
  • Tableau Cloud
  • Tableau Reader
  • Tableau Mobile App

Tableau Consulting Provides you with:

Insights discovery: Explore the hidden patterns and insights from your data
Refined dashboards: Visually appealing dashboards with a lot of root cause analysis capabilities and data security
Ad hoc analysis: Tableau’s Data Engine enables you to break down many lines of information in a moment or two
Quicker decision making: Since information is outwardly spoken to through VizQL you get input as you dissect
Comprehensive data: Combining of data from various datasources and then create analysis

Looking for Customized Services..?

Assisting Customers Across Diverse Initiatives

Tableau deployment and administration

Tableau Deployment & Administration

There are various products of Tableau as well as versions available in the market. Based on your company’s requirements, we can help in building the right strategy…Read More »
Tableau Performance Tuning & Analysis

Tableau Performance Tuning & Analysis

Irrespective of its fanciness, a BI solution loses its effectiveness if the business users have to wait for a long time to see results. We can help in performance tweaking and improving..Read More »
Tableau BI Solution Development

Tableau BI Solution Development

Actual BI solution using Tableau involves creation of various kinds of reports and dashboards which allow representation of data in an easy to understand format,Read More »
Tableau Drive Methodolgy

Tableau Drive Methodology

You have purchased the Tableau BI tool and are now ready for adoption. Then you notice it might be working a little slower than what you expected and this is possibly due to the processesRead More »
Data Level Operations for Tableau Usage

Data Level Operations for Tableau Usage

Many a times, data is in a format that requires certain kind of cleansing operations as it cannot be used as is. Tableau has limited capabilities for handling data level operations.Read More »
Tableau Maintainance and Production

Maintenance and Production Support

If your organization is looking for regular monthly maintenance and production support, search no further. With our experience spanning multiple domains and our rich knowledge..Read More »
Tableau Geospatial Visualization

Geospatial Visualization

Helical IT Solutions Pvt Ltd can help you tackle complex geospatial analysis and deliver governed self-service analytics with the help of Tableau. Geospatial analysis could have heatmaps,Read More »

Team “Helical IT Solutions Pvt Ltd” really did a excellent job building a world class BI solution for us. They helped us choose the right platform, work through our business cases and implement efficiently and effectively. They’re offshore so we were a bit apprehensive, however, they work during US hours and worked quickly. I would highly recommend Nitin and his team to anyone doing BI work.

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