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Helical Insight is an Open Source Business Intelligence Framework which is powered with NLP & ML and also an integrated workflow engine. Helical Insight boasts of features like in-memory engine, email scheduling, alerting and notification, mobile and cloud compatibility, alerting notification, self service reporting interface, big data support etc.

Helical Insight comes with extensive API support of more than 360+ APIs. Also with an inbuilt workflow engine Helical Insight allows you to define your own workflows via triggering APIs. Helical Insight provides extensive XML configuration files as well as placeholders to inject HTML, CSS, javascript code for customizations. Over and above that being open source you can get one of the most feature rich BI solution at a fraction of cost. Please get in touch with us now to know about the capabilities of the product, differentiators as compared to other BI products as well as demo with your own data.

The only BI tool that puts the power of customization in your hands.

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Instant BI

Conversation analytics is going to be the next wave in analytics domain wherein people can interact with their data in natural English language via chat bots or search boxes…Read More »
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Generally most of the BI software’s have predefined flow of events which can’t be changed or configured. This is primarily because they do not have extensive APIs…Read More »
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Self-Service BI

Helical Insight comes with Self service BI capabilities allowing users to use the frontend to create reports. It has a strong adhoc interface which allows users to ‘drag n drop’, ..

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Extend and Expand

Unlike other BI vendors who have a closed-garden approach and have very high vendor dependence what we offer is an extremely developer friendly BI product….Read More »
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The Reports and Dashboards that are created using Helical Insight can be exported into various file formats like PDF, JPEG, PNG, Excel etc. Data from the individual reports can..Read More »
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Helical Insight supports a lot of datasources which could be used for data analysis purposes. Helical Insight supports all relational databases (Oracle, Postgres, MySql etc.),..

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100 % Browser based

Most of the BI software requires a desktop based development tool using which you develop the reports/dashboards which is then deployed on the server. This architecture…Read More »
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Data Analysis

Helical Insight supports traditional methods of reporting like tabular reports, cross tab reports, dashboards and geographical dashboards, as well as…

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Helical Insight has the capability which allows users to email the report/dashboard one time or schedule it on a specific frequency…

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User & Role Management

Helical Insight has four levels of data security (Organization, Role, User and Profile), which ensures that Administrator can control which user(s) gets to see what and the kind of functions..Read More »
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Multi-tenancy means that a single instance of the software and all of the supporting infrastructure serves multiple customers. Each customer shares the software….

Read More »

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Multi-Device Compatibility

With today’s business users always on the move it’s very imperative that they get the right set of data on any device. The entire solution of Helical Insight is built on bootstrap framework..Read More »
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White Labelling

White Label means changing the look and feel and interface of one product to make it appear as certain other product. With a lot of companies using Helical Insight analytics…Read More »


Product based companies who are using Helical Insight they would like to integrate the reporting and solution built from Helical Insight inside their own product…Read More »
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Helical Insight comes with server-level caching mechanism which is highly configurable. Caching ensures that even with large data and many concurrent users,..

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Dynamic DB Switching

Generally with other BI products the reports or the metadata is getting connected to a predefined datasource. In most of the cases this works perfectly fine but in…

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Jasper Report Support

Jasper reports is the most popular and strongest reporting tool present in the market. There are myriad number of companies which are using JRXML files and are looking for direct..

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Team “Helical IT Solutions Pvt Ltd” really did a excellent job building a world class BI solution for us. They helped us choose the right platform, work through our business cases and implement efficiently and effectively. They’re offshore so we were a bit apprehensive, however, they work during US hours and worked quickly. I would highly recommend Nitin and his team to anyone doing BI work.

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