Ask On Data

A Data Scientist or Business Intelligence user or Business Analyst everybody needs clean data. Right now for doing any sort of data related work like data cleaning, data loading, data transformation, data integration etc we depend on Data Engineers.

Challenge with current set of data engineering tools

Dependence on data engineers

Technical knowledge required to use

Knowledge of that ETL/data pipeline tool is required

Slow speed of development

Keeping these in mind we are launching Ask On Data – World’s first NLP based Data Engineering tool (powered by ML & AI). With a simple chat interface Ask On Data is democratizing the entire data engineering work.

With Ask On Data simply type and create your data pipelines. In a world drowning in complexity, Ask On Data speaks your language…literally.It’s not about features; it’s a whole new era in data engineering.


  • Chat Interface to create data pipelines
  • Zero learning curve
  • Superfast speed of development
  • Data engineering at the speed of typing

Get in touch to have a demo of Ask On Data and how it can help in cost savings, quicker implementation as well as better deliverables.

Looking for Customized Services..?

Team “Helical IT Solutions Pvt Ltd” really did a excellent job building a world class BI solution for us. They helped us choose the right platform, work through our business cases and implement efficiently and effectively. They’re offshore so we were a bit apprehensive, however, they work during US hours and worked quickly. I would highly recommend Nitin and his team to anyone doing BI work.

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