What is Smoke Testing

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Smoke testing is a process where the software build is deployed to a quality assurance environment and is verified to ensure the stability of the application.

Testing the basic or critical features of an application before doing through testing or rigorous testing is known as “Smoke Testing”.

Smoke testing is a software testing method that determines whether the build is stable or not.Hence it is known also known as Build VerificationTesting or Confidence Testing.It acts as a confirmation of whether the quality assurance team can proceed with further testing.

When we perform smoke testing

whenever the new build is provided,we will always start with smoke testing,because in the latest build,we may encounter the blockers by fixing the other bug or adding new feature could have affected a major portion of the orginal software.This testing should take place at the beginning of the sotware testing life cycle.Smoke testing quickly verifies the quality of the build and evaluate the basic task whether they can be executed or not.

Smoke Testing cycle

What is Smoke Testing

  • The smoke testing cycle starts with a build being delivered from the development team.
  • Developers develops the application and gives it for testing.The build is passed for an initial smoke test by QA.Specific test cases are prioritized based on key features.Tests are created and the software is then tested.
  • If the software build fails,the software build is handed back to the development team,where it is fixed and then sent back to QA.
  • We exit testing until the issue in the build is fixed.And if it passes,the software build is now ready for next testing phase or for more rigorous functional testing.
  • Advantages of smoke testing

    • It is a time-Saving process.
    • It helps in identifying defects in the early stages.
    • To demonostrate system stability.
    • It improves the quality of the system


    The main objective of this form of testing is to verify that the QA team can proceed with further testing of the software product. As we have mentioned earlier,Smoke testing is the first form of software testing,conducted after each developed build is provided.Smoke testing should be performed on each and every build without fail as it helps to find defects in early stages.Smoke test can minimize test effort,and can improve the quality of the application.

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