What are the Transformations in Airbyte?

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Transformations are crucial for cleaning, enriching, and restructuring data to meet the requirements of the target system or analytics use cases.

There are several Transformations

  1. Cleaning Data: Removing duplicates, handling missing values, and correcting errors to ensure data quality.
  2. Enriching Data: Adding additional information to the data set, such as merging data from different sources or appending calculated fields.
  3. Restructuring Data: Transforming the structure of data to match the schema required by the destination system.
  4. Filtering Data: Selecting specific rows or columns based on certain conditions to reduce the volume of data transferred.
  5. Aggregating Data: Combining multiple rows of data into summary statistics or aggregations.
  6. Schema Mapping: Adjusting the data schema to match the target system’s schema.

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