Oracle BI reports to jasper reports Convert (or Migrate, Replace) 2022

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Oracle recently released the “Deprecation Notice for Oracle Reports”. As released by Oracle:

Oracle Fusion Middleware’s 12c R2 release ( will be Oracle Reports terminal release.
You are advised to use or migrate to Oracle BI Publisher for reporting purposes. Oracle BI Publisher is Oracle’s strategic product for enterprise
. This reporting solution allows authoring, managing, and delivering pixel-perfect customer facing reports against various data sources
with web browser or familiar desktop tools and minimal impact to transactional system.

What Next for Migrate from Oracle reports to Jasper reports

It does is a overwhelming day for all users who were using the software for their critical business needs. It will not be easy to find exact match for oracle database reporting tools, but we are running out of runway for Oracle Reports Migration before the support ends. Almost all the users are already finding Oracle Reports alternatives that they want from other BI tools.

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As of today, we have a plethora of BI tools in the market with various features. However, each of them has its own features and limitations. Right from the high-end proprietary tools to pocket friendly opensource solutions. The key to selection of our next BI product lies in fact that how many of those features are needed by our current and future business needs and what would it cost me.

Preparation of charts and visually appealing graphics are part of most of the BI tools. However, the main feature that many of current tools lack is the pixel-perfect canned reporting that was catered by Oracle Reports. Does the new tool has it? Further, If I am technically good does those reports can be customized to our needs? Or, If I am not from technical background, will I still be able to use these reports for current needs without much effort or hiring a new resource for this one time set-up? Many of such questions do could our mind and hinder from making a sane decision.

Further, even if we select the correct tool the next big step is how do I migrate my reports to the new BI tool. Many users are not technical experts to know both the technologies in depth. If you are sailing on the same boat and looking for migrating Oracle Reports to other BI publisher, you are at the right place.

JasperReports: An Open Source Oracle Alternative

JasperReports is a good alternate for Oracle Report. It has feature rich canned reports as well. Jasper libraries have been existing in the market for close to 2 decades now and is the most mature and feature rich canned reporting product out there. Businesses are already choosing it as an alternative to their current needs. Helical IT Solutions Pvt Ltd provides certified Jaspersoft consultants and developers and help you with migrate to the new technology.

Helical IT solution is one stop destination for all your BI, DW and Big Data needs. Many organizations have successfully implemented their BI needs with our dedicated and committed team.

Who We Are?

Simply put, we are the tech gurus in Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Big data and Analytics that you are searching for. Based in Hyderabad, India, Helical IT Solutions Private Limited, is focused on and specializes in Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics Services.We can help you with consultation on selecting the correct hardware and software based on your requirement, work on data warehouse modeling and implementation, big data implementation, data processing using Apache Spark or ETL tool, build data analysis in the form of reports and dashboards with additional features like data security, alerting and notification, etc. We primarily use open-source tools leading to low cost of ownership or we can work with your favorite proprietary tool to build a perfect-fit solution for your needs.

Backed by multiple years of experience and more than 80 client implementations spanning about 13 sectors, including for Fortune 500 companies, we provide quality work to fulfill any sort of client requirement. We promise you only the best in technical expertise, thought leadership and domain knowledge.

Talking more specifically about Jaspersoft, we have been working on jaspersoft for a decade now and have also been Jaspersoft system integration partner for Asia Pacific region. We have worked on all the versions and components of Jaspersoft which includes jasper report, cubes, topics, domains, SSO, white labeling, integration (using visualize.js, iframe, jasper libraries etc), dashboards, custom plugin, new charts integration, localization etc. Some of our biggest client names includes Government of Micronesia, Government of Marshall Islands, CATechnologies, Tata Communications, Fractal Analytics, FranConnect etc to name a few.

Make data easy with Helical Insight.
Helical Insight is the world’s best open source business intelligence tool.

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Contact us for Oracle Reports Alternative

You can please send our an email on so that we can help you with the migration activity from oracle reports to jasper reports. We can show you a demo of jasper reports, what is possible and not possible, help with migration, help in designing the architecture and suggest hardware.


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