How To Connect Dbt Cloud To Snowflake

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What Is Dbt?

Dbt (data build tool) is an analytics engineering tool that empowers analysts to transform, model, and document data efficiently using SQL, providing version control and collaboration features. It focuses on simplifying the analytics workflow within a data warehouse.

dbt compiles and runs analytics code against data platform (database, warehouse, lake, or query engine)eg, snowflake, redshift, data bricks etc

Here we will look into how to connect to snowflake data platform

How To Connect Dbt Cloud To Snowflake?

Explore seamless integration with our latest blog on connecting Dbt Cloud to Snowflake. Unlock the power of data transformation and analytics by navigating through step-by-step instructions. Learn the intricacies of establishing a robust connection between Dbt Cloud and Snowflake, enhancing your data management capabilities. From setting up configurations to optimizing performance, our comprehensive guide ensures a smooth and efficient collaboration between these two powerful tools. Elevate your data-driven decision-making process and streamline your workflow with this insightful walkthrough. Dive into the world of efficient data processing and empower your analytics journey.

There are two ways to connect dbt Cloud to Snowflake.

  1. Partner Connect
  2. Connect DBT account to snowflake – manually

Here we will explore the first option – Partner Connect. Below are the steps to follow –

Note – You must have a snowflake account (free/paid)

  1. Log into your snowflake account. In Snowflake UI, click on the home icon.
  2. Select Admin, in the left sidebar.
  3. Select Partner Connect. Look for dbt in the search bar and click the tile to connect to dbt.
  4. In the Connect to dbt popup, look for “Optional Grant” option and select the databases as shown below. Click Connect.
  5. How To Connect Dbt Cloud To Snowflake

  6. Click Activate in the popup
  7. There will be a form in the new tab that loads. Provide the account name if dbt Cloud account is already created. Else, provide account name and password to create a new account
  8. How To Connect Dbt Cloud To Snowflake

  9. Provide details and Click “Complete Registration”
  10. You are logged into dbt Cloud automatically.
  11. Navigate and click on the gear menu in the upper right corner in dbt Cloud. Click on Account Settings.
  12. How To Connect Dbt Cloud To Snowflake

  13. Click on “Projects”. Click the “Partner Connect Trial” project
  14. Select snowflake in the overview table.
  15. Click on edit (below) and update the Database and Warehouse names.
  16. How To Connect Dbt Cloud To Snowflake

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