Remove Duplicate Values using Pentaho Kettle PDI ETL Tool

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How to avoid duplication of values in the columns in PDI if column names are same?

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There can be requirements where we want same column names in the transformation (PDI). In such case, the value of field is overwritten on another field.

For ex: If for a company we want 3 pairs of Loan Id and Loan Amounts , if we give the same name for the columns as per requirement then there will be duplication of data. If we don’t handle this scenario properly this can happen.

Suppose: We have 3 Loan Amounts.

Loan Amount 1: 10$

Loan Amount 2: 20$

Loan Amount 3: 30$

The column names are same i.e Loan Amount, Loan Amount, Loan Amount.If we directly pass the names in the text output then there will be replication , all three amounts will be coming 10$.

In this case we cannot using Select Values step (Renaming) will not solve the replication issue.

To get rid of such situation we can create a separate header transformation and check append in text file output  in the next transformation.

In this case we can keep the name of column like “Loan Amount” for n no of times in the header and for the differentiation purpose in the next step we can keep Loan Amount 1, LoanAmount 2, Loan Amount 3.

Note: For checking append in the text file output follow these steps:

  • Double click on text file output
  • Go to content
  • Check append and uncheck header



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