Case Study Report on CA Technologies

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Case Study Report


CA Technologies



CA Technologies

Geographical Location

US, India

Tools Used

Database : Microsoft SQL Server

BI tool : Japersoft Enterprise Edition 5.6

Company Overview

CA technologies, a fortune 500 company with more than 75000+ employees, is into IT services and products. CA software and solutions helps the customer in driving productivity, providing differentiated user experience and growth opportunities. The portfolio of solutions that CA technologies offers are IT portfolio investments, services and assets management, application delivery, performance optimization and security. CA technologies is also capable of delivering services on multiple platforms like mobile, private and public cloud, distributed and mainframe.

Problem Statement

CA Technology is developing information technology management software (ITSM) product and had chosen Jaspersoft to enable BI capabilities inside the tool. The customers of the CA technologies would utilize the application for managing their IT service desk. CA Technology wanted to use advanced charts from D3 visualizations to be used inside Jaspersoft and then embedded inside this application. Also some Asset Management specific reports had to be developed.

Solution Developed

Having extensive experience on data visualization technologies and worked upon different charting engines including D3, we understood the requirement and which all D3 charts were to be used. We had then worked and developed those D3 charts using their data, and then these D3 charts were integrated inside Jaspersoft.


Chord Diagram


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Force Directed Chart

forced Connected

Calender View Chart


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Bubble Chart

Bubble Chart

Also after the development of these charts, via web services we had done a seamless integration of these advanced visualization inside Jaspersoft.

 Aside, many reports were as well developed for asset management as well like

  1. Asset Summary Report
  2. Native Discovery Coverage Report
  3. Asset Reconciliation Report
  4. Missing Asset Report
Database Work

Microsoft SQL Server was used to store the information and later on used for the charts generation.


BI stack was developed for the product, including advanced visualizations from D3 charts and its seamless integration. The solution which includes the charts and reports generation was successfully developed. The solution helped the user in analyzing the complex data results in identifying the scope of improvement in processes in their organization, customer satisfaction level increased, business increased.


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