White Label means changing the look and feel of a product to make it appear as belonging to the products stack by the same company. With a lot of companies using Jaspersoft analytics for their end-customers, they are also looking for white labeling.

Jaspersoft comes with a UI framework which allows to change the look and feel of the pages and make module wise changes as well.

Some works we have done in the area of white labeling with Jaspersoft include:

– Building themes and including in Jaspersoft server. Thus, different organizations/tenants can see different themes based on the kind of conditions which has been written.

– Role-based UI customization of navigation, front-end and functionalities.

– Changes in core HTML, JSP, Javascript and XML pages of Jaspersoft for custom UI requirements and extending UI capabilities.

We have been part of multiple clients work wherein we have done complex white labeling, including for clients suc as Sage Human Capital, EMNS, GSQ, Blackline and Unified Social.