Helical’s Expertise of Jaspersoft implementaion on Big Data Technologies

Jaspersoft supports reporting on various NoSQL and big data technologies. It has direct access to popular BigData sources and also data virtualization layers which allow combining data quickly from your big data and relational sources for better data visibility without copying or moving data. Natively, Jaspersoft supports:


Jaspersoft supports  Hadoop via the Hive SQL interface, reading files via HDFS including the Avro file format, as well as via HBase.


Jaspersoft offers NoSQL support for the following broadly recognized categories of data stores: Key Value Stores, Document Databases, BigTable Clones, Graph Databases and Data Grid Caching.

Jaspersoft’s open source projects for reporting with NoSQL technologies include: Cassandra, MongoDB, Riak,HBase, CouchDB, Neo4J, Infinispan, VoltDB and Redis. A non-open source connector is in beta for VMware GemFire.

MPP Analytic Database

Jaspersoft supports IBM’s Netezza MPP analytic database data warehouse and soon will add commercial analysis support. Vertica and EMC Greenplum are also supported.

With many implementations of Jaspersoft with big data technologies to our cap, including back-end databases of Mongo DB, Cassandra and Hive, team Helical is well equipped to provide you the kind of reporting and data analysis you are looking for on top of your big data technologies using Jaspersoft. We can also leverage Jaspersoft’s customization options to extend the functionality to solve your Big Data analysis concerns by creating custom data sources, adding on the fly data preparation by connecting to Big Data Processing Engines like Apache SPARK.

Some of our relevant experience of big data with Jaspersoft include:

  • An ecommerce company : Used Jaspersoft with MongoDB
  • BSM Wireless : Usage of Apache Spark with Jaspersoft. Built two versions – one inmemory and the other regular.
  • FMCG Giant : Usage of Cassandra, Druid and Spark with Jaspersoft