Helical’s Expertise of implementing localization and internationalization on Jaspersoft

Localization or Internationalization means translation of software interface and messages to another language. This involves conversion not only in the front-end interface, but could also entail currency, date, time modifications, etc.

By default, Jaspersoft supports localization with a couple of languages like French, German, Portugese, Italian, Brazilian, Japanese and Spanish. We have experience in providing support to more languages and extending this list as per the requirement of the client.

Jaspersoft localization can also work for currency, timestamp value and email schedule according to the local timezone.

We have worked extensively on localization in Jaspersoft and some of our works include:

– Localizing Jaspersoft UI to support newer languages other than ones supported by default

– Localizing reports, domains in various languages like Italian, French, Spanish to name a few by implementing locale resource bundles and allowing users to select the location of their choice.

– Localizing report titles and labels more dynamically based on the content stored in your database tables.

– Localizing dynamic content on Jasper server UI like input control names which cannot be localized using the direct resource bundle methodology.

When we perform localization and then embed, the localized interface and reports/dashboards do not work well. It requires certain kind of tweaks and additional work. We have experience in such implementations as well.

Please get in touch with us for understanding about our work using Jaspersoft and how we can help you overcome your Jaspersoft localization challenges and requirement.