Unlike other BI vendors who have a closed-garden approach and have very high vendor dependence what we offer is an extremely developer friendly BI product. There are multiple things which makes Helical Insight very developer friendly and you can extend the functionalities using your own skillsets.

  1. Open Source: Helical Insight is open source, hence you will be getting the source code, thus you could always customize the code as you need. Talking about the technology stack Helical Insight is built on java and frontend is HTML, CSS and React framework is also used.
  2. API: With more than 360+ APIs Helical Insight gives the power to you to completely automate and change the functionalities as you would wish.
  3. Workflow Engine: Workflow engine allows to create custom business processes, define rules, trigger actions as you would like.
  4. XML and Configuration Files: There are various configuration files like Cache.xml, Settings.xml, config.properties, sqlquery.properties, globalconnections.xml, springsecurity.xml etc which allows extensive configuration changes as you would like.
  5. Code Injection: While creating reports and dashboards we are having placeholders allowing you to add HTML, CSS and javascript for customization. Similarly while creating the metadata we are having the option of allowing you to add SQLquery and groovy script.
  6. Feature extension: Things like adding new chart, adding new aggregate function, adding new exporting type, adding new db type, adding new db function etc can also be done.

With Helical Insight we offer a framework on which new features and functionalities can be added as per business need. Hence as new technology comes you will not have to reinvest again and again. Also you could use your own developers with zero dependence on the vendor.

Please get in touch with us now to know about the capabilities of the product, differentiators as compared to other BI products as well as demo with your own data.