The Reports and Dashboards that are created using Helical Insight can be exported into various file formats like PDF, JPEG, PNG, Excel etc. Data from the individual reports can be exported into CSV or excel format. Being an API-driven platform, you can add more exporting options based on your own business needs. There is no need to depend on the vendor or go to a solution implementation partner.

Helical Insight also comes with exporting framework which allows you to define your own templates. In this exporting template you can define things like how would you like to export (portrait or landscape), papersize (A2/A3/A4 etc), margins, any header or footer etc. With this exporting framework we can offer a highly customized exporting experience. Users can also create as many templates as they would like and use it.

Please get in touch with us now to know about the capabilities of the product, differentiators as compared to other BI products as well as demo with your own data.