Helical’s Expertise on Mapping Engine on Jaspersoft

Geographical charting means the ability to use location data and plot things on a map with various overlays, popups, heat maps, etc. Some examples of use of geographical charts are displaying GDP of different countries on a map, showing the frequency of flights between various cities on a map, population density of various cities in a country, presence of various stores and their revenues in a city, etc.

For achieving geographical charting, Jaspersoft has default integration of Google Maps within it with certain kind of limited customization capabilities.

With our expansive work experience on Google Maps and Jaspersoft, we can help you achieve what you are looking for in terms of geographical charting. We can use Google maps, add polygon lines for showing boundaries, heatmaps for displaying certain measures, zoom-in and zoom-out functionalities, legends and labels, pop-up over and drill-down from pop overs, etc. Note that Google Maps is a paid feature and you need to pay for their API if your daily consumption limit is more than 25K.

We also have working experience in usage, integration and feature addition on other charting engines such as OpenMaps, Bing maps, D3 maps, etc. Based on your requirement and budget, we can provide various options to you.

Some of our mapping implementations include Vortecy, CA Technologies, EMNS Inc, etc.