Types of CDC supported by Talend Enterprise Edition

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Types of CDC supported by Talend Enterprise Edition :


CDC (Change Data Capture ) :

The CDC architecture is based on the publisher/subscriber model.

The publisher captures the change data and makes it available to the subscribers. The subscribers utilize the change data obtained from the publisher.

The main tasks performed by the publisher are:

-Identifying the source tables from which the change data needs to be captured.

-capturing the change data and storing it in specially created change tables.

Following are the two different types of CDC modes available in Talend Enterprise Edition.

1.Trigger mode
2.Redo/Archive log Mode

Trigger mode :

In this mode we need to setup the CDC feature in Talend Studio so that it will create required triggers on the selected database.

Following are the two major steps required to establish the CDC environment on Talend Studio:

1.Configure CDC in Trigger mode

2.Extract change data modified in Trigger mode

Supported databases for CDC under Trigger mode :

CDC feature available only for DB2, Informix, Ingres, MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL ,Oracle and Sybase.

Talend provides different CDC component for each supported database.
Some of them are list below :

tMySQLCDC, tMSSQLCDC,tDB2CDC,tInformixCDC,tOracleCDC,tPostgreSQLCDC and SybaseCDC

Redo/Archive log mode :

The Oracle Redo/Archive log mode used in Talend is equivalent to the archive log mode of Oracle.

The CDC feature in this mode for Oracle is available for the 10g version of the Oracle database and later versions. Before being able to use CDC in Redo/Archive log mode in Talend Studio, the administrator of the database to be supervised should do the following:

1.Activate the archive log mode in the Oracle database.

2.Set up CDC in the Oracle database.

3.Create and give all rights to the source user.

4.Create and give all rights to the publisher.

However,if you want to use CDC in Redo/Archive log mode for an Oracle, you must first of all configure the database so that it generates the redo records that hold all insert, update or delete changes made in datafiles.

Supported databases for CDC under Redo/Archive log mode :

CDC feature available only for Oracle and AS400.

Talend components for this mode are tAS400CDC and tOracleCDC



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Does Talend 6.3.1 support CDC mode with Oracle Redo/Archive log for oracle database running on version on RHEL 7.3 with SID connection ?