Scheduling Jobs in Pentaho Data Integration

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Scheduling Jobs in Pentaho Data Integration

The following are the steps to schedule a kettle job:

In the main kettle job (.kjb) , there is a START icon should be there. Double click on the icon and it will pop up a job scheduling window as follows:

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By default, the type is No Scheduling and the time options are disabled.


If we select the type as Interval, it will enable the Interval related time options as shown in the below image:


If the type is Daily, then the respective time of day is enabled as shown in the image:


If the Type is Weekly: Then time of Day and Day of week is enabled.


If the Type is Monthly then Time of Day and Day of Month both options are enabled as shown in below image:


If you want to repeat the scheduling time you can enable Repeat option in the Job scheduling window.

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Ok, hi everything you mentioned is ok but scheduling for a period of 24 hrs is not working on the pentaho 9.3 version., why is that happening., I don’t know why no one raised issue about this, but nowhere can be found regarding this. Will be great if there is any solution.
Thanks in advance !