Pentaho C-Tools Manual installation in CE 4.8 and 5.0 – jar files installation

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Hi guys..
Some times we can NOT access Pentaho Market place due to the proxy settings enabled…  I was trying it and unable to fix it .. will have a deep look into it… but alternatively installed Pentaho-C-Tools manually.

Find the bug link below.

There was some problem with proxy internet access . I could not figure it out exactly … so thought of installing C-Tools manually…
hence have given a trail on installing C-Tools in Pentaho CE 4.8 and installed successfully.

Manual installation of C-Tools in 4.8 CE
Steps :
1) Down load C-Tools from web-details site

CDA link :
CDE link :
CDF link :

2) These are executable jar file, you need to click on them as generally we install windows based software.

3) importantly you need to locate the installation path..
Generally give your pentaho-solutions path

4) Now,start the server and find the CDE icon on Tools bars of pentaho.

Note that , you may not get all the CDE example in this way of installation …. I need to figure out by which way we need to install samples..

Manual installation of C-Tools in 5.0 CE
I have not tried yet this installation.. but you can refere Pedro’s blog to install the C-Tools manually in BA server.


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