Most Helpful Java IDE shortcuts

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Most helpful Java IDE shortcuts

This article is about one of the general aspects of programming. The article although is very small but tries to focus on one of the very important aspects that a java programmer should know. It is about the usage of keyboard. Many programmers spend a lot of time in using mouse(or track-pad) while coding. Almost 20 – 40%(based on personal experience :)) of their productive time is spent on this kind of non productive activity. The same functionality can be achieved very easily and faster by using the keyboard shortcuts. Using mouse or track-pad is non-productive as the thoughts of the developer will be distracted in search of the click action to be performed. His eyes will be distracted on to various other things. As a result the focus on problem solving will be missing.

An effective keyboard user will be more productive as using keyboard to achieve most of the functionality will be his second nature; his thoughts won’t be spent on the event to be performed to achieve the functionality. Rather he will be less prone to distraction and will spend more time on problem solving. People who have developed most of the important software that we use today don’t have the habit of using mouse(at least while programming). Mostly they are power users and probably use keyboard based editors like VI.

So, let us get familiarized with some of the popular Java IDEs and their keyboard shortcuts.

So, here is a list of most important keyboard shortcuts that a Java Developer should know. The list comprises both the most popular IDEs Eclipse and Intellij IDEA.

Action IntelliJ IDEA Eclipse
Open any file quickly Ctrl + Shift + N Ctrl + Shift + R
Find a type or class Ctrl + N Ctrl + Shift + T
Show all the members of current type Ctrl + F12 Ctrl + O
Jump to source F4 F3
To jump from one member to the next (or previous) Alt + ↓ Alt + ↑ Ctrl + Shift + ↓ Ctrl + Shift + ↑
Go to parent class Ctrl + B Ctrl + T
Back and forth through the files you have visited Ctrl + Alt + ← Ctrl + Alt + → Alt + ← Alt + →
Last edit location Ctrl + Shift + Backspace Ctrl + Q
Delete line Ctrl + Y Ctrl + D
Duplicate line Ctrl + D Ctrl + Alt + ↓
Open hierarchy Ctrl + H F4
Organize imports Ctrl + Alt + O Ctrl + Shift + O
Find next / previous F3 / Shift + F3 Ctrl + K / Shift + Ctrl + K
Debug Shift + F9 F11
Run Shift + F10 Ctrl + F11
Step Into F7 F5
Step Over F8 F6
Step Out Shift + F8 F7
Resume F9 F8
Rename in place Shift + F6 Alt + Shift + R
Format code Ctrl + Alt + L Ctrl + Shift + F
Change signature Ctrl + F6 Alt + Shift + C
Quick fix Alt + Enter Ctrl + 1
View Javadoc for member Ctrl + Q Mouse over



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