Using MDM Components in Talend

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Using MDM Components in Talend

There are basically 2 types a component can be used in Talend.

1. Built-in

Built-in is giving in all the properties of a component manually yourself. Details like Server connection details, entities, elements, xpath etc.,


Once, one has given all the details for the connection as shown in the above image. In the advanced setting manually give the Loop Xpath Query and in mapping give Columns and Xpath Query as mentioned in the MDM-UI while defining the Entity.


2. Repository

Like any other DB connection one has to create a n MDM connection in the Repository in-order to drag and drop the schema of the MDM components.

Step1: Right click on the MDM Connection listed under metadata in the left side Pane. and select the Create New New Connection.


Step2: Give in the following details and click next


Step3: GIve in the server details like Username, Password and URL. and click on check to check the connection.


Step4: If the given details are correct and connection is established a window pops up like the following.


Step5: Select the data model and container which you have created in the MDM-UI and the one which is deployed and available are shown in the dropdown menu.


Step6: Retrieve the Entities by right clicking on the instance created in the repository and selecting Retrieve Entity


Step7: select the mode u want to use the entity as an Input/Output/Recieve


Step8: select the entity from the dropdown menu and give the name and click next


Step9: Give the target schema xpath and click on finish


Entity is now available in the meta-data. It is in the left side of the UI.


This entity is now available this can be dragged and dropped into job. Schema is also available manual inputs are not required as required in built-in.



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