Dynamic Table CRUD using JTable

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Dynamic Table CRUD using JTable

This plugin can be used to create datatable an forms. Simple CRUD based applications can be created using the JTable.

How to use JTable?

1. Create a div with id “targetContainer” where we want to load the table content dynamically.
2. $(‘#targetContainer’).jtable(‘load’); This statement binds the div with the dynamically created table.
3. Inorder to pass the configuration just we need to pass the configuration inside the jtable method.
The configurations can be divided into three major categories

a)The general configurations
b)The service related configurations
c)Field related configurations


General Settings


The general configurations is related to general settings such as pagination, number of records in a page, sorting order etc.
The service related configurations includes the URL call for Create, Read, Update and Delete actions.
The fields related configuration helps to display the column in the table and also create a dynamic form.

How to create different form elements and control?

To create different input control one can use the type options in fields. They should be provided inside ” (Single Quote)

password, textarea, date(Calender), radiobutton, checkbox, hidden etc are the possible values that can be used.

Options: The options can be used to create a selectbox or a dropdown. We can configure an url with this options so that the data can be fetched directly from server.

Sources: http://www.jtable.org



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