Data Source Connection Details Passing from Jasper Server to Sub Report Dynamically

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Data Source Connection Details Passing from Jasper Server to SubReport Dynamically

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Here is how we get it working using a  MYSQL connection for a subreport which removes the need to hard code the connection to the sub report’s data source on Jaspeserver

Prerequisites:: Ireport 5.6 ,Jasper server 5.6
DataBase : Foodmart,SugarCRM

Step 1 : Create a Main Report with Two Subreports , one subreport pointing to Main Data Source i.e., SugarCRM and for other SubReport foodmart details we need to pass Dynamically

Step 2 : Pass the main data source to the report unit as usual, and create the other data source on jasper server you want to use in the sub report


Step 3 : In the main report, create a parameter $P{DATA_SOURCE_PATH} where

Parameter Class : com.jaspersoft.jasperserver.api.metadata.jasperreports.domain.JdbcReportDataSource

Default Expression :


In Default Expression we need to pass the DataSource Path which we have created for SubReport

Step 3

Step 4 : Now we can call functions on this parameter and pass in the connection to your subreport as follows

Create a parameter that you will pass to the subreport named SUBREPORT_CONNECTION

Default Expression :


Step 4

Step 5 : Pass SUBREPORT_CONNECTION parameter to SubReport

Step 5

Step 6 : Deployed in Server and Verify once

Output in Jasper Sever:

Make data easy with Helical Insight.
Helical Insight is the world’s best open source business intelligence tool.

Table using SugarCRM Database
Step 6

Table using FoodMart Database
Step 7



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BI Developer.

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