Jasper server/ Jaspersoft Server memory Problem

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 Jasper server/ Jaspersoft Server memory Problem


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When we call java command to run a program, two types of memory are created i.e Stack Memory and Heap Memory.

Stack Memory– Stack is where the method invocations and the local variables are stored. If a method is called, then its stack frame is put onto the top of the call stack. The stack frame holds the state of the method including which line of code is being executed and the values of all local variables. The method at the top of the stack is always the current running method for that stack. Threads have their own call stack.

Heap Memory- In the heap, the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) stores all objects created by the Java application, e.g. by using the “new” operator. The Java garbage collector (GC) can logically separate the heap into different areas, so that the GC can faster identify objects which can be removed.

The memory for new objects is allocated on the heap at run time. Instance variables live inside the object in which they are declared.

Memory Leak– The garbage collector of the JVM releases Java objects from memory as long as no other object refers to this object. If other objects still hold references to these objects, then the garbage collector of the JVM cannot release them, which can result in memory error.

Memory problem related to jasper server is mainly produced because of the lack of  java heap size which can be solved as-

  • Open command prompt and navigate up to C:\Jaspersoft\jasperreports-server-cp-5.5.0\apache-tomcat\bin (tomcat path of upto bin)
  • Now type- tomcat7w //ES//jasperreportsTomcat  on the command prompt.
  • Now tomcat property window is open.
  • Go into java option
  • Change the –Xms and –Xmx to the higher value which defined the heap size used by java(for better performance keep both value same).
  • Now your problem is solved.

Permgen space error- It is the permanent generation heap size error which will be produced when permanent generated heap became full. To overcome this error set PermSize and MaxPermSize  in tomcat property window-> java option  as-



Click ok and restart the server(run the startup.bat file from jasper server Home->apache tomcat



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