Groovy Helpful Tips

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Groovy Helpful Tips

Here are some useful information when using groovy

Single Line comment in Groovy
// We can comment using // in groovy as in Java.

Multi Line comment in Groovy
/* Multi-line comment style is same as in Java */

Documentation comment in Groovy
* Similar to Java commenting Style

Shebang style is helpful when running Groovy script directly from linux system
#!/usr/bin/env groovy

as and trait are keyword in Groovy

”’ Triple quoted string help to write strings in multiple line eg.
def multiLineString = ”’
line one
line two
line three

String interpolation

def name = ‘Helical’ // a plain string
def greet = “Hello ${name}” //This will result in Hello Helical

List in groovy.

by default list are ArrayList
def numbers = [1, 2, 3]

To define a Linked List
def linkedList = [2, 3, 4] as LinkedList //Note the usage of as keyword

To define map

def capitalInfo = [state: ‘Delhi’, district: ‘South Delhi’, pin: ‘110019’]

capitalInfo[‘metroStation‘] = ‘Nehru Place’ //adds a new key in the map

Elvis operator
The “Elvis operator” is a shortening of the ternary operator.
userName = ? : ‘Guest’ //classic way
userName = ?: ‘Guest’ //elvis way


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