How to Dynamically Change the Column Headers Based on Locale

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Step1: Create a table with locale, first_name, last_name, email, phone_number and salary in foodmart database and insert values into that table with different languages.

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Step2: Create a sample report with foodmart database and use the below query in main dataset.

Select * from Internationalizing where locale= 'en'
Step3: Drag and drop text fields in column header band, add those fields in text fields.
Step4: Drag and drop table component from the palette tab in summary band.
Step5: remove column headers for table and adjust field values for above text fields in column header.
Step6: Create a parameter and give an expression as

You should invisible the parameter in jasper server.

Step7: In the main dataset query pass that parameter in where condition.

Select * from Internationalizing where locale= $P{Locale}

Step8: Deploy the report in jasper server.
Step9: Login with jasper credentials and select appropriate locale.

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