How to Make Custom Template as Default Template in Jasper Adhoc Reporting

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In Jasper, the advantage of a template file is to create the layout of the report once and utilize it multiple times. whenever a user is creating Adhoc reports in Jasper, Jasper has created a template and made it default.

Here I am going to show, how to choose a different template and make it default for ad-hoc reports-

  1. Take the backup of applicationContext-adhoc.xml from the below location –
  2. <Tomcat_Home>/webapps/jasperserver-pro/WEB-INF/
  3. Make the below changes at line no
  4. custom default template

    Here I have commented out the defaultTemplateUri I.e, actual_size.620.jrxml
    And added new line and made a4-landscape.620.jrxml.

  5. A4-landscape.62..jrxml file is present in the below location in jaspersoft installation directory –
  6. <Tomcat_Home>/webapps/jasperserver-pro/WEB-INF/adhoc/themes.

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    In this path, you can actually create your own template and save it and use as a default template.

  7. Restart the jasperserver
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