Create a Service Connection in Azure DevOps

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Service Connection in Azure DevOps:

To deploy project from DevOps into Azure directory we need service connection which acts like a bridge between DevOps and Directory. Service connection is used to connect pipelines to the Azure Directory resource manager from the DevOps.

Note: Logged-In user should have admin privileges to the Azure Directory

Follow below steps to create service connection:

  1. Login to Azure DevOps and select the project
  2. Click on the project settings which is present in the left bottom
  3. New menu options will come. Scroll to the pipelines section and select Service connections
  4. Click on New Service connection
  5. Choose Azure Resource manager as connection type. Click on Next
  6. Authentication method should service principle (automatic). Click on Next
  7. Select Subscription as Scope level
  8. Choose the Azure Directory subscription
  9. Select the Resource group
  10. Enter the name of service connection
  11. Click on Save

New service connection will be created which can be used in pipelines.

To check the pipeline created above, follow the below steps

  1. Click on Project settings which is present on the bottom left
  2. Go to Pipelines settings and click on Service connections
  3. Here we can see the above created service connection

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