Create CSV Data Sources in Pentaho CDE: (Community Dashboard Editor)

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This blog will talk about how to Create CSV Data Sources in pentaho CDE: (Community Dashboard Editor)
Follow the steps to create CSV file as a Data sources.

Step-1  Login to the User Console as an administrator.
Pentaho Login Window
Step-2  Click Manage Data Sources. The Data Sources window appears.
Pentaho Home Page
Step-3    Click the Add icon, then choose Data Source Wizard from the drop-down menu.
Manage Data Sources
Step-4  Click to the Data Source Wizard.
Create Data Sources
Step-5 Enter a name that identifies your new data source in the Data Source Name field.
Naming and Importing CSV File
Step-6 Choose the columns that you want to use in your data source, either individually or by clicking Select All. You can deselect all columns by clicking Deselect All.

Step-7 Change the Name and Type values, if applicable.
a.    Choose the options that you want to use from the drop-down menu for dates and numeric values.
b.    You can enter a value manually in the Source Format text box.
Display Window of CSV File

Step-8 Click to show File Contents and see the CSV file content.
Content into CSV file

Step-9  After Click finish button check the radio button like Keep default model.

Confirmation Window

Step-10 Now you can see the Data sources what you created.

Disply List of Data Sources

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Can you explain how to use this datasource(csv) created in pentaho, in community dashboard editor?