Calling JRXML Inside Helical Insight

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             Calling  JRXML  inside  HDI(Helical Dashboard Insights) : –

This blog will teach you how to call JRXML inside HDI(Helical Dashboard Insights) : –

To call JRXML inside Helical Dashboard Insights , we need 4 files required for HDI and one JRXML file.

I have created one folder named “JRXML” and kept all the above mentioned files in this folder.

Files : [ callJrxml.EFW , template.html , tabular.efwvf , dataConn.efwd , getEmployeeInfo.jrxml ]

Database : mysql

Table : emp

Query : select empno,ename,job,sal fromemp;

#1 : using the above query , first created a report in iReport.

#2 : then removed the <queryString></queryString> contents from jrxml.

#3 : Added the query in “dataConn.efwd” file.

callJrxml.efw :

efwTemplate.html :

htmltabular.efwvf :


dataConn.efwd :

efwdOutput :


Rupam Bhardwaj


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