Calculated Measure that Fetches the Previous Value of Measure

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This blog will let you know how to add a calculated measure that fetches the previous value of measure relative to a particular dimension in Schema Workbench.

    Prerequisites :

  1. Pentaho BI Platform
  2. Schema Workbench

Consider the below cube which is already published in Pentaho BI Server. One of the working scenarios of the cube is used for demonstration i.e. amount which is spent relative to time.

working scenario

To get previous value of the measure i.e to get the value of amount for the previous year, follow the below steps:

  1. Open the schema in Schema Workbench
  2. Right click on the cube and click on ‘Add Calculated Member’
  3. Add Calculated Member

    Enter the details as shown.

    previous value

    Use the below formula to get previous value.

    TimeByDay.CurrentMember.PrevMember, Measures.[Amount]

    In general, formula used is DimensionName.CurrentMember.PrevMember, MeasureName

  4. Save the cube and publish

cube and publish


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