Helical IT Solutions Raises Funding

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Hyderabad, May 6, 2013: Of the many IT start-up success stories there is a new one on the block to watch out for. Helical IT Solutions, a Hyderabad based technology company providing services in open source data warehousing and business intelligence services has bagged a seed funding of INR 2.5 million from Singapore based Citibank official within 6 months of starting operations.

The company which started in November 2012 from Hyderabad has catered to technology needs of clients in various domains including e-commerce, insurance, energy, social media analytics, healthcare and human resource while building and managing their Business Intelligence platforms.

The eight member strong team is quite excited with the fund inflow and plans to use it primarily for recruitment and partnering with leading BI vendors in the open source space such as Jaspersoft and Pentaho. They want to focus and build up their capability of providing sector specific BI offering with this fund.

Specializing in Open source technologies, Helical has proved to be a great bet for its clients cutting down on their costs and adding to their efficiency and turnover. Their services include Business Intelligence, ETL, Data warehousing and data modelling, data visualization to name a few.

About Helical IT Solutions :
Helical IT Solutions is an open source Data warehousing and Business Intelligence company based out of Hyderabad. The company works primarily on Jaspersoft and Pentaho BI suite and on talend, on Talend and Kettle. Other services provided are data visualization, data modelling, data warehousing etc.

Contact Person :
Nikhilesh Tiwari
Cell : +91-7893947676
Email: nikhilesh@helicaltech.com

The companies funding news has been covered y many leading India based websites







http://www. nextbigwhat. com/helical-technology-solutions-funding-297/







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