Airbyte Cloud vs Airbyte Open source

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Here in this blog we are comparing Airbyte cloud version of Airbyte with open source version

Cloud Version of Airbyte

  1. Cloud version does not require any installation or setup.
  2. Local file-based DBs will not work in AirbyteCloud ex:DuckDb or other localhost DB’s.
  3. We can create multiple work spaces and collaborate with team and share connections across the team.
  4. Required Airbyte Credits used to pay for Airbyte resources to run a sync(migration).

Airbyte Open Source Version

  1. Required installation on VM or local host in Docker
  2. Open source means we have visibility and flexibility.
  3. With open source, we can process the data through the fully open system and have the code of it saved and version controlled.
  4. Open Source not required Data Residency.
  5. Open source have only one workspace and not able to share with team.
  6. With opensource we can connect our local files like csv,json ..etc

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