Localization or Internationalization means translation of software interface and messages to another language. This involves conversion not only in the front-end interface, but could also entail currency, date, time modifications, etc.

Pentaho localization is not available on the software and is not a direct function. For one of our clients, based on their custom requirement, we created a custom plugin responsible for localizing their content.

Some of our work done on Pentaho localization include:

– Localizing Pentaho UI to support newer languages other than ones supported by default.

– Localizing reports, domains in various languages like Italian, French, Spanish to name a few.

– Localizing report titles, labels more dynamically based on content stored in the database tables.

We could carry out complex localization projects for you which can be exhaustive, including frontend, messages, currency, notifications, date & time, and many more based on your requirement.