Helical Insight comes with Self-Service BI capabilities allowing users to use the frontend to create reports. It has a strong ad-hoc interface which permits users to ‘drag and drop’, add filters, apply aggregate functions, apply database functions, etc., and creates reports on the fly. The self-service interface is loaded with visualizations like axis charts, non-axis charts, time-series chart, hierarchical charts, cards, grouped bar charts and stacked bar charts, maps, and advanced statistical and scientific charts. To take it a notch up, users can add CSS/HTML and JavaScript to the placeholders in the ad-hoc interface too. Using this, advanced reports with customizations can be created within no time.

Apart from this, users can add new charts into the self-service interface, which can be then used to create new visualizations. Users can also add new aggregate functions for complex calculations and other use cases. There is a plethora of additional features like custom column, hidden column, sorting, page-wise loading for better performance, etc.

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