Helical Insight supports traditional methods of reporting like tabular reports, cross tab reports, dashboards and geographical dashboards, as well as modern methods of data analysis such as infographs, storylines, mash-ups, what-if analysis et.al. Helical Insight provide various methods of data analysis which includes EFW methods of reports/dashboards creation, UI driven adhoc interface for reports/dashboards creation and Instant BI. Based on the kind of complexity of data analysis, any of these methods could be used.

As far as data visualization is concerned, there are myriad options which includes time-series chart, axis charts, non-axis charts, hierarchical charts, cards, advanced scientific and statistical charts like dendrogram, circle-packing charts, bubble charts, treemaps etc. If you have certain charting preference, you could integrate it and/or add any new kind of charting engine like fusion charts or high charts etc. Helical Insight is built in such a way that it supports all the javascript based charts. There is also a placeholder which allows to inject Javascript, HTML, CSS, etc., for further customizations. Using your own HTML CSS resources could also add more and more chart customization options which could also be triggered via UI.

Please get in touch with us now to know about the capabilities of the product, differentiators as compared to other BI products as well as demo with your own data.