With multiple data sources coming into the picture, companies are transitioning to building data warehouses which act as a single version of truth. A data warehouse is designed either in star schema or snowflake schema, thus it is optimized for reading operations. Also, it has only limited amount of data with pre-built aggregations, further aiding performance. Having a data warehouse and not doing reporting on your transactional database ensures that your transactional DB is never down due to high read operations from the BI application.

We come with multiple years of experience in Data Warehouse Consulting, designing and implementation. We have experience in Star Schema, Snowflake Schema and Hybrid Schema. For more business-critical applications and use cases, we have implemented High Availability and Load Balancing at the Data Warehouse, ETL and Pentaho BI server levels. From building data warehouse to capacity planning, performance tuning and suggesting the right tools for data warehousing, we presemt a complete all-in-all package to our clients.

Pentaho comes with Pentaho Data Integration or Kettle tool which could be used for ETL related operations. It could be used for many things like data loading, data cleansing, data integration, data migration, business rules on data etc.

Please refer to our services on ETL and PDI Kettle to know more.