Abstract Book Table of Content Design Format in Jasper Report

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Following is Table of Content Design format:

Table Of Content

To design this format We have to add “dots” in anchor expression with text accordingly.

Table Of Content 2

Do the same Process For All textBox which has anchor Expression accordingly.

But While same Abstract Book .jrxml on a different machine, the result displays differently on a different machine

Table Of Content3

To Overcome this Issue, Added HTML Symbol Code “&#8228” In Anchor Expression instead of “dots”

Table Of Content 4

Do Same For all text anchor expression Accordingly

For Display that HTML Code in table Of content page, need to set markup language as an “HTML” and Font Name must be “DejaVu Sans” for the text boxes of the tableOfcontent jrxml page.

Table Of Content 5

Final Results will be

Table Of Content 6


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