Staffing Recruitment Analytics Solution

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 Staffing Analytical Solution

Recruitment is a process through which a suitable candidate is hired for the job. The process is being conducted by HR of the company itself or company hires third party HR firm for the process. HR firm manages the initial processes of recruitment like resume selection, approaching these candidates via email/phone/linkedin etc, scheduling and conducting initial interview and finally selected candidates for the related profile are forwarded to end client.

Challenges with Traditional Approach

With the traditional approach of only sending the short-listed candidates to the end client has many flaws mainly in terms of tracking and measuring, thus controlling.

End Client Issues: Typical issues generally faced by the end client are there is no real time tracking of candidate hiring process like candidates approached (on daily, weekly, monthly basis), candidates accepted/declined/forwarded/interview scheduled etc, job opened versus closed, deadlines etc.

HR Firm Issues: For any specific job there are multiple teams which are working like sourcing team which is responsible for CV upload, account managers as first point of contact with candidates. Traditional approaches does not allow HR firms to correctly analyze and control the work being done by different team like understanding how many CV were uploaded by different members, how many CV are new and relevant, how many calls/interviews were scheduled by account managers etc. Also HR firms need to keep an eye on the timely fulfilling resource requirement of client, number of open versus closed jobs, getting new resourcing requirements from clients, response and decline rate etc.

Team Issues: There are multiple teams involved like account managers, sourcing team etc for difference processes like CV search, CV selection, interacting with candidates, scheduling interview etc. Using traditional approach its difficult for different team members to asses his/her performance and thus can’t take corrective action, if required. They ideally need to know/track their own respective performance metric like “candidates approached”, new versus old CV uploaded, number of hiring’s done, number of interviews scheduled so on and so forth.

Segregated Data: Generally HR firm use multiple databases/ application or worst case excel for capturing the data elements like resumes, call records, CRM for customer information etc. Hence it is just not possible to track these extremely important mission critical KPIs.

There were questions which could not be answered in a timely manner like how hard we are working, Is the team performing up to goal, are we hiring in the allocated time, are the teams/individuals achieving their targets so on and so forth.


Staffing analytical solution developed by Helical tackles all the issues described above. The solution helps HR firm in various ways like:

Staffing Recruitment Analytics Solution

Staffing Recruitment Analytics Solution

Staffing Analytics Solution

Staffing Analytics Solution

  • Improved client satisfaction level : Client can himself login to the portal and see what is happening. Thus, they have all the required data at their disposal whenever and wherever they want.
  • Corrective Action : Have triggers/alerts or in a single view get to know which all job orders are at the risk of non completion. Take corrective action. Know account wise action in dashboard, move resources accordingly, prioritize work and thus save job orders & increase revenue.
  • Set Goals : Set goals for teams and team members, create some friendly competition. View performance reports, incentive best performers and work on others.
  • Revenue Tracking : Set the date range, track your revenue and sales history. Apply filters to see salesperson wise or geography wise. Have all the right stats in your hand to propel your growth.
  • Applicant Tracking : This feature allows to track entire life-cycle of applicant like people profiles approached, interested, declined, interviewed, scheduled etc. along with other parameterized and drill down details.
  • Candidate Granular Details : This feature gives flexibility to the client to view candidates CVs / Resumes irrespective of whether the candidate is selected / rejected.
  • Highly Interactive Dashboards : The quality dashboard will give the client as well as the HR firm/different teams a view where they can see the KPIs used as required. There could be multiple dashboards for different purpose like recruiting specific dashboard will give recruiting specific KPIs used, sourcing dashboards for sourcing team (responsible for getting the CVs) etc.
  • Quality Reporting : Many configurable reports which are specific to client, job profiles, active/inactive status etc lets to monitor the overall operations.
  • Tracking the performance of stakeholders : Different teams are having different login credentials with their own access privileges, and hence are able to analyze, track, improve and grow.
  • Performance Improvement : Solution helps the recruiting firm to find out the performing/non-performing assets, hence not only it can help in keeping the costs low and awarding the best employees which can result in overall performance improvement.
  • Alerting : Configurable alerts on things like deadline for a specific job, targets, number of resources to be hired, keyword, decline rate etc will result in management/staff been proactive rather than reactive.
  • Slicing and Dicing of the Data : The solution also has the inbuilt capability to slice and dice the data by selecting the variable like date range, open drill down reports for further detailed analysis.
  • Report Portability : This features help the client in getting the reports in various formats which can be viewed offline like csv, docx etc.
  • Granular Data View : Using the solution the client can have granular view of candidate data till the CV level.
  • Customization : The entire solution can be customized as per your theme, requirement, features can be added/removed etc.
  • Device Agnostic : Being a web-based solution, it works flawlessly on any operating system and any device (laptop, mobile, iPad etc).


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