How to Show all Values in Filter Controls in OLAP Cube

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There is an option of filtering for the values in OLAP Cube. When we pull a level to filter, then it shows a filter control where around first 200 values of the level are listed in enterprise edition of Pentaho. Consider the below example.

This blog helps you in understanding how can we increase the number of values in the filter box.

Steps to follow:

  1. Stop the BA Server.
  2. Open the file ‘’
  3. Path of the file: Server/Pentaho solutions/system/analyzer
  4. Change the value of the property ‘filter.members.max.count’ from 200 to 500(Required Value) in an file.
  5. Start the server.
  6. Drag the field in the report and try to filter now.
  7. Since the values are shown in the combo box, try to keep the value of the property ‘filter.members.max.count’ less than 1000. If it is more than 1000, the performance of the cube gets affected.

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