Scheduling a Pipeline in Azure Data Factory

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Requirement: How to schedule a pipeline to run on a daily basis in Azure Data Factory


  1. Log into Azure Portal, Open existed pipeline in data factory
  2. On the top header we have Trigger option
  3. Trigger Option

  4. Click on Trigger and we will get the two options I.e 1) Trigger Now 2) New/Edit
  5. Trigger Now option will trigger the pipeline immediately
  6. New/Edit option will show existed schedules if any and we can create new schedules also
  7. Click on New/Edit option, it will open a window
  8. Add Trigger

  9. Click on Choose trigger. It will give two options like new and it will show existed schedule names. If we click on existed then we will get the option to edit that
  10. Click on New and it will open a new window with list of options for scheduling
  11. New Trigger

  12. Enter the name of the trigger, description. Select the Type as schedule
  13. Select start date as per the timezone
  14. Recurrence can be in minutes, hours, days, weeks and months
  15. Select the end date. It can be either no end date or a particular end date
  16. Activated should be Yes. If we select No then it will trigger and later we can change to Yes.
  17. New Trigger

  18. Click OK and then publish the pipeline
  19. To check the Triggers status, on the left menu click on Monitor and click on Trigger runs. Here we have the list of triggers which executed in the selected time period

Trigger Runs

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