Schedule The Report In Jaspersoft Server

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  1. Click on the Repository root node
  2. Click on BCT and then click on reports
  3. Select the particular report to Schedule
  4. Right click on the report and click on schedule
  5. Then Click on Create Schedule and it will show like this
  6. click on schedule(it will appear on right top)
  7. To Schedule the report immediately then select “immediately”
  8. To schedule the report on particular date then select “On specific date”
  9. Select Time Zone
  10. Select Recurrence type as per requirement
    -If we select recurrence type as “simple”

    Give the specifications as per our requirement
  11. Select the recurrence type as ‘calender’ to schedule the report for specific month,day and time
  12. Click on Parameters to save parameters.
    – If report have multiple parameters, then we can select one parameter
  13. Click on Output options
    – Enter the file name
    – Select the Time zone
    – Select the Output Locale(language)
    – Select the formats

  14. Select the File Handling
  15. On output destination select output types
    – Select output to repository if we want to save the report to server
  16. Select Output to FTP server
    – Enter the address
    – Give me Port No
    – Enter User name and Password
    – And click on Test Connection

  17. Click on Notifications
    – Enter the mail address
    – Add CC and BCC
    – Enter the Subject and Message
  18. Add address and subject for job status notification
  19. Enter Success message for success notification
  20. Enter Failure message for failure notification

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