Running Apache Drill in Distributed Mode

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Pre-requisites :

1. Apache Drill should be installed/present on the system.
Note: Below installation steps are for Linux server

  • Apache Drill can be installed on one or more nodes to run it in a clustered environment.
  • Currently, we are using a single node environment.


To install Apache Drill in the distributed mode we need ZooKeeper to be installed and it has to be running

Zookeeper Installation:

1. Download the Zookeeper from the below link:

Download Zookeeper here

2. Unzip the downloaded file and navigate to the zookeeper-x.x.x directory(We have used zookeeper-3.4.10 version)

3. Create a directory named as data under zookeeper directory.

4. Navigate to zookeeper-x.x.x/conf directory and create a file named as zoo.cfg

5. Add the below lines in the newly created file zoo.cfg

Note :Under server.1 localhost is the host of apache drill which may differ according to your drill host.


6. Save the file and give executable permissions for the zoo.cfg file using the command

chmod 0777 zoo.cfg

7. Go to the zookeeper-x.x.x/bin directory and start the zookeeper server using below command :

./ start|stop|restart|status

8. Once zookeeper is started check that status of zookeeper.

9. Now add the zookeeper configuration in the apache drill server

10. Go to the apache-drill-x.x.x/bin directory.

11. Start the Apache drill application using below commands :

./ start|stop|restart|status

Once apache drill will be started , You can verify it by opening apache drill web UI.

This way apache drill will run in distributed mode.


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Hope it helps 🙂

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