Process of Compiling Coffee Scripts Using Gulp.js

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Gulp.Js is used to complie coffee scripts to javascript files and to minify javascript files those are easy to read and modify.

For this process we should download and install Node.js, we can get npm installed as npm is distributed with Node.js and update npm with command : npm install npm@latest -g

In package.json file in your project folder we can add gulp and its dependencies and their version numbers in the dependencies part, we can install all these in package.json file using npm install from the project folder path and all these are installed in node modules folder in project folder or you can install gulp and all its dependencies manually using commands and after installing, to access this globally we have to add this path to environment variables.

We can configure tasks gulpfile.js file and in our case it is to build coffeescripts to javascript files. Command to build javascript file from coffeescript files is gulp filename. This command will execute the tasks in gulpfile.js and copy the compiled javascript file to dist folder in original project folder.


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