Pentaho CDE Dashboard Example – Adding few more functionality to it

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I have been exploring the pentaho CDE… A small work around on it which has given me a learning experience as well understanding the power of the tool…

Here is a example dashboard for you… and adding more functionality to it…. If you have data ready or want to perform BI solutions on your business let us know .. find us at located in hyderabd, AP, INDIA.


1. Superb Layout (Back ground color, rows, columns structured based one)
a. Pie Chart ( 1st row 1st 2 charts -SQL based charts & 3rd one is MDX based)

  • Pie charts are converted to circulared
  • Percentage values, actual values(featured any one of them we can remove)
  • Bar charts(4 and 5) – SQL based charts
      b. Bar Charts
  • Dynamic with number of bars
  • X-axis labels are rotated.
  • Dynamic with date input controls.
  • Currency symbol is added.
      c. Line Chart
  • Two lines are plotted
  • Dynamic with date input controls
SQL queries :
Complex queries are written to get the exact result sets … for instance, JOINS, aggregate functions
CSS and JavaScript
To design the lay out written CSS code and to get the Advanced functionalities written java script..

Featured functionalists on the same example
Working on the below:
1. Drill down functionality on 2nd Chart – will display table component information in another dashboard and providing some button or link to come back to first dashboard.
2. Exporting parts of the dashboard or entire dashboard to pdf.
3. And many more at a single dashboard…

Will update once done with the functionality….

For source code or any assistance on C-Tools(CDA,CDF,CDE) meet me at

I believe in “Learning Never Exhausts The Mind”


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