New Feature Added In Jaspersoft Server V7.1.0

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In the latest version of jasper server, we have so many improvements in Adhoc side.

One of them is very important which is listed below –

when we delete any field from the Domain, it will list down all the Adhoc views created on top of the field which is going to be deleted, and if you have deleted fields by agreeing on the warning message from the Domain, it will allow the users to delete that field form the Adhoc view and save the view and report both.


  1. Created a small domain with 3 tables from jasperserver db (users,roles,user-roles)
  2. Created Adhoc view on top of domain –
  3. and saved the Adhoc view as well as report.
  4. when I tried deleting one of the field used in the adhoc “externallydefined” form domain, I have got following message-
  5. when I opened Adhoc report created, below message displayed –
  6. then I have opened Adhoc view –

In this way, we will be able to delete dependent fields from the domain as well as from the adhoc views and report.


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